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The Forum Rules Empty The Forum Rules

Post by gBev on Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:26 am

The Rules:

1. Don't ask for game ROMs
2. Don't troll
3. Keep all arguements civil
4. Be kind
5. Don't beg to be a moderator/administrator
6. No advertising except in your signature
7. No pornographic topics/posts
8. Don't constantly beg to be on the remake team
9. Don't spam the boards
10. Just don't do anything you know is wrong
11. Don't complain about the way we're making the remake unless you have a reasonable alternative
12. Respect the moderators and admins
13. If you don't like the way someone is moderating, contact Toast with the problem
14. An administrator's say is final, don't try complaining to others to get your way
15. If you get banned and want to know why, email Toast at

The Punishment (based on a 5 strike system):

1 Strike= Warning
2 Strikes= 1 day temp-ban
3 Strikes= 1 week temp-ban
4 Strikes= 1 month temp-ban
5 Strikes= Permanent Ban

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